So I haven’t been around.  Life has been on the eventful side so I apologize to the two people that may be reading this blog.  Ha!  I must get better.  Well, must is a bit strong language for a blog, isn’t it?  Its not really necessity after all… It really has taken away from pen and paper.  I don’t know which I find more effective these days.  The traditional route is far more effective in forcing me to cajole the recesses of my brain into actual progression of thought.  Blogging, on the other hand, tends to drift towards mindless nonsense for me… which I probably enjoy quite a bit more.

Maybe I need to start a blog with some sort of nonsensical direction…



~ by Jeremy Stanley on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “Blogisitworthmytimeging?”

  1. In these times, or because of the economy, (I hear these phrases over and over every day) it’s so good for our mental health to be nonsensical, let the good times roll. You ought to lay on your back in your yard, if your grass is comfy, and make stories up about the clouds. It’s wonderful.

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