Hear me.  Right now.  If and when this film comes to your town, go see it.  If you are anywhere near the vicinity of an IMAX screen that is playing, please, drop the few extra dollars and go see it there.

We drove a couple of hours down to the IMAX in Georgia that was showing it as a hopefully inspiring, motivating send off for the guys on their first long tour.

I was honestly blown away.  Say what you will about IMAX and 3D technology being a gimmick… if this is a gimmick, I want more of it.  Complete immersion.  You honestly FEEL like you are in the show.  Right there.  The depth is incredible.  The energy of the what seemed to be 100,000 fans in attendance was bottled lightning.  You could feel the weight, the emotion, the urgency, of every song, of every moment.  You felt connected.  To the crowd.  To the band.  This isn’t cheeseball 3D like you might think.  Its really hard to put into words.  If you think there is no hope for the industry or that rock and roll is dead.  Please.  Go see this.  It is inspiration and it is hope of what is and can be.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, some of you have a stigma against U2.  Get over it.  Just immerse yourself and don’t be a snob (I’m not judging… I’m a snob… I admit it…).  It moved me.  It really did.  Music DOES have power.  Music DOES inspire.  I think that in our iPod skip and shuffle culture that we’ve lost this idea a bit.  Our attention spans are a fraction of what they used to be and I really don’t know if we let music seep into our pores.  Let it soak.  Let it resonate.  Weigh its worth.

I’m not saying that watching this concert film is going to change your life.  I do hope it inspires you though.  Think what you will of Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam… for an hour and a half today they had me in awe.  Suspend your cynicism for that hour and a half and tell me what you feel.  Hopefully it isn’t cynicism.


~ by Jeremy Stanley on February 9, 2008.

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