I’m not really sure what to write about but I haven’t written in awhile, so, here we go.

Well, I guess that’s probably part of the problem… I look back on the past several years, and when I was blogging and writing a lot, and I think its because

1. I lived in Los Angeles and

2. Unbelievably weird things happened to me in Los Angeles that haven’t REALLY happened in South Carolina… not that I expected it to but give me SOMETHING! Good grief…

So, I guess I lack material, which I guess makes me an uninspired and bad writer… or blogger… because I think

3. Everything I’ve been dealing with and going through has been way, way, way too personal to throw it all up on everyone on the internet… hypothetically blowing digital chunks… as it were… Its interesting to me that our culture has become so enamored with throwing anything and everything up on the internet, on blogs, on youtube… is this healthy? Is it a giant blinking, glowing warning sign? Are we just completely losing the ability to communicate one on one with other humans so we’ve turned to affirmation from digital peers?

So from this I guess I have to find new inspiration because, otherwise, there will be no one left to read the nonsense I type… Its already dwindled since the xanga days…

So, basically, lets hope together that either wacky things start to happen to me again or I find a new pool of inspiration to swim through… Cause you really don’t want to see what’s in my journal right now. Really. You don’t.


~ by Jeremy Stanley on January 26, 2008.

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