This Post Has NO Purpose… No really… None…

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So, I really have no idea what has happened to me. I’ve had intense public writers block. I cannot, for the life of me, find motivation to write something publicly on an open blog like forum that sounds remotely interesting. These last few sentences are INTENSELY boring! I don’t know if its that I’ve been so caught up in my private roller coaster freak out writing of emotional awesomeness that I’m just worn out to make any other attempts or what…

So, what can I do? Am I really this un-funny and/or un-interesting?

I should hope not. I want to be the antithesis of un.

The Antithesis of Un.

Yeeeaaaaaaah. Consider that ©’d y’all.

Don’t roll your eyes in a “you’ll never use that for any reason whatsoever or do anything with it and in fact its kinda stupid” sort of way.

I will. Maybe. Either way, screw you, its mine.


By You I Mean Me (And Maybe You)

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Hello long lost readership.  How are you?  Yeah?  That sounds nice.  Not really.  Oh yes, I heard about that.  Did it all work out?  Oh, great! Mazel tov!

Okay, glad we have that out of the way.  Let’s move on, yes?

Yes.  Good.

So, let’s have a chat.  What is wrong with you?

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

Life got all complicated and not funny.  Er, well, way less funny.

Or did I just get way more serious?  Or “educated”?  Or “enlightened”?

When did cynicism win the day?  

When did you get to be sooo jaded? (If your brown furrowed, you snorted, dropped a pff or psh, odds are I’m talking to you…)

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

(Disclaimer:  I don’t proof read.  I’m just sayin’…)

Life can suck.  A lot.  Life seems to get pleasure in kicking you in the no no spot, take your wallet when you’re down, make out with and subsequently run off with your girlfriend and then sign you up for every 80’s b-list and under celebrity fan club, using your email address and home address written on your business card that was in the wallet life took off of you after kicking you in the no no spot…

But I digress.

The point is, yes, life seems to, at this point, want to veer towards the “holy crap that did not just happen what the (obscenity) am I going to do now why why why why why why I hate everything” variety of events…

Double digress.

Listen, I feel your pain.  I do.  I’m there with you, because remember…

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

Through everything, please, don’t stay down.  Don’t let it keep you down there.  Because it will fester.  It will grow.  It.  Will.  Take.  O.  Ver.

Remember when you were a kid and everything was more or less fantastic(especially roller coasters.. my gosh were roller coasters fantastic… I had incredible g-force stamina… I swear I should have been an astronaut)?

Joy can be found in the pain.  It can be found when life is ready to beat your head in.  It can, I promise.  You’re just not looking.  You don’t want to look.  You’d rather sulk in the misery.  And blame.  And wallow.  

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

And you know what… it does you no good.  I makes you a miserable cuss.  You begin to internalize, to judge, to jade.

And I get it.  I do.  But its not okay.  Really.  Life is too short and being the above fractured sentences do you no good.  

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

So what do we do?  

I don’t really know, to be honest.  But I’m trying.  

But look, blaming, wallowing. finger pointing.  No good.  Accomplishes NOTHING.  

Find the humor and joy in life again.  Its hidden in the cracks and crevices of pain.  

Its buried deep in grief.  

Its there.  Hoping that you dig it up and expose it.  That you show it off.  That you pass it around and share it.

Because people are hurting.  I am hurting.  You are hurting.  

You can continue to hurt.  You can continue to grieve and to become angry and cynical and jaded and forget what life was or could be.

There’s a lot of it going around.  Its in.  Its stylish.  Its hip.

Its cliche.  

There, I said it.

We’ve come to default to the above.  We live there.  We kick up our feet there.

I would challenge you to take a deep breath, step back, look at your life.  Is there joy, is there laughter?  Do you love life?  Living?  Do you love?

By you I mean me (and maybe you).

Love Everybody

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I guess I’ve just needed time.  Time to digest life.  I feel like such a  roller coaster.  I hate it.  I think I’m beginning to understand why I am the way I am.  I hope so.  For sanity sake.

In certain aspects, I am one of the most impatient people.  Ever.  I have a desperation about me for events to transpire at a pace likened to that of a sprint rather than a cross-country event.  Is this right?  Is this okay?  Probably not.  At times.

My life has become a balancing act of discovering the line that transcends balance, patience, waiting, wanting, desire, the passive, the agressive, etc. etc. etc.

“Settle down”, you may say.  “Don’t be so dramatic”, you may follow with.  “You shut your face”, I’ll fire back.


I just want to live!  I want to be full!  I do not want regret to enter my mind!  But I would also prefer to shy away from being a fool.

So what’s the point?

No clue.

In all seriousness, I look at someone like Tim Russert.  I hate it so much.  I feel so badly for his family.  I watched Meet the Press almost every week.  I generally found it to be quite brilliant to watch, to see the truth be awkwardly pulled out of the mouths of some, not all, but some, professional liars and shape shifters.  Tim seemed, and I must emphasize seemed, since I did not meet him, like a man of conviction.  He loved his family, desperately.  You could see that.  He worked very, very hard to be the best at what he did.  And he had JOY doing it.  He always seemed jovial, happy, thrilled… to be alive!  To live and to love!  To challenge and be challenged!  Whether you agree with his political leanings and posturing or not, I believe he was able to transcend those areas that usually create immovable blocks and barriers.

And then its over.

We have to live.  As full and as hard and as full of joy and love as we can.  Because it can be over.  Just like that.  Crazy.  I don’t fully know how to comprehend this.  Probably never will.

I’m dedicating myself to stop being petty and frustrated so often.  I want to live and love in the big and small.  Frustrations can be mountains but they can be scaled and are temporary.  Let us not forget those things which are true and right, which bring joy and fulfillment.

I was at a rather famous individual’s home for a luncheon in Nashville yesterday.  As I walked through his castle of a home I looked down at a murial in the floor made of tile and written in a circular fashion it read “Love Everybody”.

Love Everybody.  This individual could, if so desired, have a rather large ego and me-first mentality.  A sense of having made it and being a step above everyone, etc. etc.  But those simple words engraved in the floor of this home spoke volumes of the way he presented himself, his family, their sincerity, their genuine love for one another, their welcoming of complete and total strangers.  It was striking.

We can choose to take our lives, our accomplishments, our victories, our failures, our defeats, our loves, our losses… we can take these and shove them in the faces of others as a giant eff you, or a woe is me, and on down the line.  Or we can work hard, show an ounce or two of humility and love everybody.

Why is option b seemingly so much more difficult.  Pride can become obscene.  Being thankful and thanking for seems to be the road less traveled but far more fulfilling.

So, yeah, lets work hard, love everybody and have fun doing it.


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So I haven’t been around.  Life has been on the eventful side so I apologize to the two people that may be reading this blog.  Ha!  I must get better.  Well, must is a bit strong language for a blog, isn’t it?  Its not really necessity after all… It really has taken away from pen and paper.  I don’t know which I find more effective these days.  The traditional route is far more effective in forcing me to cajole the recesses of my brain into actual progression of thought.  Blogging, on the other hand, tends to drift towards mindless nonsense for me… which I probably enjoy quite a bit more.

Maybe I need to start a blog with some sort of nonsensical direction…



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Hear me.  Right now.  If and when this film comes to your town, go see it.  If you are anywhere near the vicinity of an IMAX screen that is playing, please, drop the few extra dollars and go see it there.

We drove a couple of hours down to the IMAX in Georgia that was showing it as a hopefully inspiring, motivating send off for the guys on their first long tour.

I was honestly blown away.  Say what you will about IMAX and 3D technology being a gimmick… if this is a gimmick, I want more of it.  Complete immersion.  You honestly FEEL like you are in the show.  Right there.  The depth is incredible.  The energy of the what seemed to be 100,000 fans in attendance was bottled lightning.  You could feel the weight, the emotion, the urgency, of every song, of every moment.  You felt connected.  To the crowd.  To the band.  This isn’t cheeseball 3D like you might think.  Its really hard to put into words.  If you think there is no hope for the industry or that rock and roll is dead.  Please.  Go see this.  It is inspiration and it is hope of what is and can be.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, some of you have a stigma against U2.  Get over it.  Just immerse yourself and don’t be a snob (I’m not judging… I’m a snob… I admit it…).  It moved me.  It really did.  Music DOES have power.  Music DOES inspire.  I think that in our iPod skip and shuffle culture that we’ve lost this idea a bit.  Our attention spans are a fraction of what they used to be and I really don’t know if we let music seep into our pores.  Let it soak.  Let it resonate.  Weigh its worth.

I’m not saying that watching this concert film is going to change your life.  I do hope it inspires you though.  Think what you will of Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam… for an hour and a half today they had me in awe.  Suspend your cynicism for that hour and a half and tell me what you feel.  Hopefully it isn’t cynicism.

Letters From the Sky

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Hope everyone is heading over and checking out Civil Twilight. Here is their first officially released music video for their song ‘Letters From the Sky’.

Civil Twilight song to be featured on House this Sunday after the Super Bowl!

•January 31, 2008 • 3 Comments

South African Band Civil Twilight’s Song ‘Human’ to be Featured on the Super Bowl Special Edition of “House” on FOX

One October Entertainment is proud to announce that this upcoming Sunday, February 3, 2008 immediately following the Super Bowl at 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific, Civil Twilight’s song ‘Human’ will be featured in a special episode of the hit FOX Television show “House”. FOX recently announced that “House” has overtaken “Grey’s Anatomy” as the highest rated show among 18 – 49 year-olds.

HOUSE, an innovative take on the medical drama, solves mysteries where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.

Winner of the 2006 Humanitas Prize for the episode “Three Stories” and a Humanitas nominee in 2007 for “House vs. God,” the series also has received an Emmy Award for creator and executive producer David Shore (Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series), two Golden Globe Awards for Hugh Laurie (Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series) and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Laurie (Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series). Nominated twice (including 2007) for an Emmy in the Outstanding Drama Series category, the show has been honored by the American Film Institute as one of the TV Programs of the Year and received the Peabody Award for Best of Electronic Media in 2005.

Civil Twilight is a three piece rock band that originates from Cape Town, South Africa. They moved to Los Angeles, California to further their career as an exciting live act. After building a small following within the Hollywood club scene and finding a worthy manager, they decided to move east to record their debut album, ‘Human’. Civil Twilight plan to take their record on the road in 2008 and continue to grow their enthusiastic fan base through their dynamic live show.

The music of Civil Twilight is represented in film and television by Lynn Grossman at Secret Road Music Services.

For more information on the band please go to: